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Retail $20,964 . Normally $1,997. Special offer price today $997

10 Part Of COMPLETE Course

The First Deal

How to find off market deals using Justin's proven model for leveraging on market to get off market opportunities


How to analyze the deals quickly and determine if they are good deals and strike quickly.


How to find the money. locate investors and lenders to invest in you and your projects anywhere in the USA.


How to close escrow and manage your properties, hire property managers correctly and avoid a money pit.

Get justin's 5 pillar method


How to find & underwrite income producing property. Using Justin's On market to Off market unique method, you will be able to find and get access to off market deals.


How to find the money. How to locate investors and lenders to invest in you and your projects anywhere in the USA. How to shift your relationship with money.


Learn the 3 things any syndicator needs to grow and scale an investment company from 1 unit to 100's+ nationwide.


You can have all the tools and resources, but if you don't execute, the rest is irrelevant. You'll learn what holds you back!



  • Gives them the clarity and focus required to execute and never let worry, or overthinking to creep up.
  • Save time prospecting your services so you have more time to work on revenue generating activities
  • Remove the fear of rejection with AI High Converting Cold Email Creation
  • Increased engagement with brand new conversion focused client PDFs
  • Google Business Profile (GBP), Facebook, & Yelp descriptions using Ai writing tools
  • The ability to search for businesses GBP by using the exact business name
  • Correct and evolved email identification for all GBP and Facebook leads
  • Improve business reviews using State of the Art Ai Google, Yelp, & Facebook review replier
  • Multi-language support for client generated
  • Find and locate a deal in 90 days.

  • Truly understanding how to quickly analyze a deal and make sure it is a good deal to invest in.

  • How to raise the money, finance and structure the deal with investors. Close the escrow and manage the deal.

What Is The COMPLETE Course?

A 10 part training series with over $20,000 in resources and downloads A-Z on buying a multifamily in the next 90 days. We teach Justin's 5 pillar method of buying multifamily apartments and all of the skills and activities. This course give you the knowledge, resources, document library and more. You will have the tools to find, analyze, finance, close and manage multifamily in the next 90 days.

If you ever thought to yourself "I just wish I had an expert tell me start to finish in detail, step by step, how multifamily investing works," then this is for you. This is hours of non stop, A-Z, step by step of what multifamily looks like.

  • 90 day weekly action plan to get a deal in 90 days.

  • 10 module Course - $8,500 Value. (included)

  • Deal Analyzers. Excel Templates downloads $1,000 value.(included)

  • Letter of intent template download to write offers.

  • How to locate brokers in your market.

  • How to raise capital starter kit

  • Justin's pitch deck to raise millions

  • All of Justin's systems and vendors.

  • Real estate tax hacks 101.

  • Justin Brennan's Multifamily Playbook (eBook)

  • Due Diligence checklist PDF $500 value.(included)

  • Emerging markets template PDF $300 value. (included)

  • Investors checklist download PDF $300 value.(included)

  • Pitch Deck PPT download to market your deals to investors. $500 value.(included)

  • Glossary of terms - $100 value.(included)

Retail $20,964. Normally $1,997. Special offer price today $997


How long does the course take?

It is a 4 part series that can be watched and completed within 1-2 hours along with multiple downloads, freebies you get with this course. You can certainly take more time, but if you buy today, you can be completed with the course in the next few hours. This course is designed to be fast, down and dirty to give you the tools needed to get started.

Is This Course For Beginners?

Yes. It's for anyone who is looking to go from zero to hero with multifamily. Whether you own zero income properties or 50+, you'll learn how to buy your first property in your local market and scale to hundreds of units anywhere in the USA.

Do You Have A Statisfaction Guarantee?

Yes we have a satisfaction guarantee for refund. We are confident you'll be happy with the value of the multifamily program. We are here to help. 

Is There A Mastermind Group?

Yes, we have a FB group for all Multifamily-Schooled Members. We don't want your learning to end with this course. Stay updated and stay involved with our community on our FB group, multifamilyi.com and more. Cultivating with like-minds is important and staying in touch with people who are going through the crash course, just like you, is very important to keep you focused and motivated.

Do You Provide Mentorship Programs?

Yes. We have the multifamily mentor accelerator program which you can apply for. We only admit serious investors and students into that program. If you want more info on mentorship programs, please visit www.JustinCBrennan.com and click on courses. 

How A $60M Bankruptcy Shaped My Future


Applies to the complete course and mentorship programs only. See refund policy for details

Dylan W.

"Mentoring with Justin and applying what he shares changed me into a growth mindset. He helped remove my fears and just make it happen. Now I have the tools I need to create the life I want."

Carly B.

"Justin sets himself apart from others by his knowledge of markets, attention to detail, delivery of the information and ability to understand what I was going through learning all this new information."

Brett G.

"I have several friends and clients in the real estate space, but Justin is unique. I always got sound real estate advise, good information that has helped me grow my business. I highly recommend Justin."

Will S.

"Justin has a rare talent to explain things in a concise, simple manner but ensure enough detail. I love his knowledge and expertise in many facets of real estate."

Andrea M.

"Justin Brennan is the most outstanding business minds we've ever been lucky enough to work with. He is knowledgable, pays attention to the small (but important) details and is extremely hard working. His work ethic is what truly sets him apart from others. Justin take every client seriously and puts 200% into helping them achieve their housing goals."

Scott C.

"Justin worked with us. Justin filled in all the gaps and did a fantastic job communicating and keeping our team in the loop. His knowledge of development and multifamily truly helps him understand all sides of the transaction. He truly works at an amazing pace and has integrity beyond his amazing work ethic. I would strongly encourage using Justin."

Retail $20,964 . Normally $1,997. Special offer price today $997

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