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The step-by-step guide to buy your first rental property.
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How to achieve financial freedom and buy your time back.
The step-by-step guide to buy your first rental property.
Download Free 87 Pg. Apartment eBook.

How to achieve financial freedom and buy your time back.

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The key to financial freedom is to have choices. You create choices with money. You create money (passively) via one of two methods.

1. Build a business that generates passive income with/without you.

2. Invest passively in businesses that pay you a passive income.. i.e. mailbox money.

This is also known as Robert Kiosaki's Cash Flow Quadrants.

Now For The Good Stuff

There are always real estate cycles. Typically every 5-8 years. If you look at the data, we have been on a bull run since 2012. Unfortunately our politicians are not looking out for us anymore. The ship is out to sea and they know it. The days of the US dollar as the world currency are numbered. I know people have been saying this for years now... but now the stars are aligned for an event that may make 2008-2010 look like a walk in the park. History has shown "reserve currencies" typically last 40-50 years. Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1971 and moved the US dollar to the world reserve. Do the math. We are right around 50 years now.

The Greatest Reset Opportunity We'll Ever See?

Do you remember the housing crisis of 2008-2010? I remember it very well. I watched my dad's 40 year fortune go up in smoke. He had to file a $60,000,000 bankruptcy because he made the mistake many developers do and over leveraged, got caught and paid the ultimate price. In 2008 we were developing 200-400 unit complexes. I learned a lot from that moment in time. I took notes and promised I would never make the same mistake my dad did. The financial crisis of 2008-10 has shaped and moulded the discipline and investment strategy for our company.


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