This is an intimate mentorship program led by Justin and his expert team. Weekly live coaching with Justin in a small group setting. Analyze real deals, find off market opportunities, get a dedicated support coach and lifetime access to a comprehensive library of video lessons and essential documents for your journey into multifamily real estate investing. You also get the exclusive mentorship community chat where deals and capital happen and opportunities to partner with Justin are real. This all comes with a 90 day guarantee. 

What's Included?


This is an intimate mentorship program led by Justin and his expert team. Weekly live coaching with Justin in a small group setting. Analyze real deals, find off market opportunities, get a dedicated support coach and lifetime access to a comprehensive library of video lessons and essential documents for your journey into multifamily real estate investing. You also get the exclusive mentorship community chat where deals and capital happen and opportunities to partner with Justin are real.

This all comes with a 90 day guarantee. 


Pillar 1

How to find deals

If you took 100 deals, 40 would be on the website and 60 would be sold by brokers before they get to the websites. The question is how we get you the 60 deals before market right? We teach the process of leveraging the broker on market deals, building the relationships the right way to get access to their off market inventory. If you don’t have these foundational elements it makes everything else ineffective. 

We teach how to leverage on market brokers and deals to get access to the off market deals. We hold your hand and show you what to say and how to say it. 

Crack your first deal with the help of a mentor to to get started in real estate.

Pillar 2

How To Analyze

After we help you find deals, we help you analyze them quickly to determine whether it is a good deal. We give you a plug and play excel template and you do the inputs, send us your numbers and we double check them with me and the team. This allows you to determine important metrics like cash on cash, IRR, 1% rule, 75% Rule, Breakeven occupancy and more. 

Get the insider information how to do all this with ease to achieve success.

Pillar 3

How raise money

After we help you find and analyze deals, then we’ll show you how to raise money and structure your deals. Do you have an LLC set up yet? If so, good. If not we will show you how to do it, help you and then put some marketing in front of that. Logo, business card and 1-3 page website. 

We help you to set up your front and back end to attract an investor. We provide you a beautiful pitch template to send to investors on your deals to attract capital. We show you all of it and hold your hand as you are going through it. 

We have lenders in our community who can provide the loans and financing for all your deals anywhere in the country. 

Additionally, we would love to partner with you on deals that make sense.

Pillar 4

How To close

Now that you know how to find deals, analyze them, raise some money, we’ll help you structure your deal and conduct property due diligence so you don’t get into a money pit. We hold your hand through the entire escrow process to ensure a secure and proper closing. We are here weekly to answer questions and be your side by side consultant going through the closing process. 

Pillar 5

How to manage

Now that you own the property, we help show you how to hire managers for your property. This way you can continue with your current career and not deal with toilets and tenants everyday. 


  • 12 month mentorship program with Justin.

  • 90 day weekly action plan to locate a deal in 90 days or less.

  • Weekly mentor calls with Justin & team to hand hold you every step of the way. You get Justin, not random hired coaches.

  • 10 lesson program with everything you need to know about buying apartments. Finding, Analyzing, Funding, Closing, Managing A-Z.

  • Our team assists finding deals.

  • Our team assists analyzing deals.

  • Our team assists in financing.

  • Our team assists you in closing.

  • Partner with Justin on deals.

  • Glossary of terms, Example legal docs and more..

  • A Personal success coach for weekly accountability.

  • 25+ downloads. Document library

  • Deal analyzer, Locating brokers, Emerging markets, Pitch deck to raise money, Due diligence checklist,

  • Data websites for research, Attracting investors, Glossary of terms, Example legal docs and more..

  • Private WhatsAPP, FB and Skool Communities

  • Access to all Justin’s systems and vendors.

  • Real estate tax hacks 101 kit. How to avoid taxes forever.

  • Raising capital kit. How to raise money in any market.

  • BONUS: 2 VIP tickets to our live events. “The Pivot”

  • BONUS: Lifetime access to MF Schooled exclusive investor chat community.


Do you have a community?

Yes you get access to a vibrant active investor community on several platforms. We have a WhatsApp community, Skool-like community, Facebook community. Partnerships and collaboration are everything in multifamily. We want you to feel supported in this journey.

How Long Is The Program?

This is a 12 month mentorship program with lifetime access to all the resources, community and tools in your portal backend. When you join, you are officially in the Multifamily Schooled program for a lifetime, community of investors nationwide and more.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we're committed to your satisfaction with a 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our team will help locate a deal for you in 90 days or less or you don't pay. Our goal is to empower you, providing the tools and guidance for growth, from zero to hero. Check out our refund policy for more details.

Who is Justin Brennan?

Justin serves as the CEO of The Brennan Pohle Group, a premier private real estate firm specializing in the acquisition and development of apartment complexes across the United States. With a portfolio encompassing 500+ units and assets totaling $150M+, Justin and his dedicated team are steadfastly working towards expanding their holdings to 10,000+ units and $1 billion in assets in the coming years. In addition to his role as CEO, Justin holds licenses as a general contractor and real estate broker, and he is the proprietor of a property management company. His professional journey began in the title insurance industry before transitioning into land development. During the financial crisis, he assumed the role of asset manager for several major banks, subsequently spending a decade as a luxury real estate agent. Now, he channels his expertise and passion into apartment building projects while also prioritizing philanthropy.

How much is it?

The program is priced appropriately for the value you get. We customize the program based on where you are at and where you want to go. We will discuss pricing and payment options on your strategy call. Be rest assured you will pay less than many other programs you may have seen. "My goal is not selling a bunch of mentorships and putting people into a conveyor belt system. My goal is to create a well trained and vibrant investor community where we can partner with students and everyone make a bunch of money. Plus we back everything up with a 90 day promise to you." - Justin

Is the program for beginners?

We cater to both novice and seasoned investors, offering guidance regardless of whether you own 0 multifamily units up to 100+. For highly experienced investors managing over 100 units, we welcome further discussions on potential partnership opportunities to maximize mutual growth and success in the real estate market.

How much time do I need?

4-6 hours a week in the beginning. You can go through the course work, come to the live class trainings and connect with investors to move the needle and buy a deal in 90 days.

Can I keep my current job?

100% Yes. As with any new venture it takes some time to build up enough income to surpass your current job or career. So we have designed the program to be able to take in bite size chunks, execute while still maintaining your current job and career positions.

Do I get access to a portal?

100% Yes. upon application, approval and payment, you will get immediate access to your custom portal and backend with all the video lessons, tools, resources, downloads, registration to your live weekly coaching and more.

How is the program structured?

The program is structured as a intimate small group mentorship with direct access to Justin. You will have weekly video lessons, LIVE small group coaching sessions with only few other mentees in the program. This will ensure you get your questions answered, have an intimate experience, great interaction, see deals, learn in real time, analyze real deals and converse with other students learning the same thing you are. We want you to have access to the mentee and the primary expert in the field. This is why you will get direct access to Justin in the backend. You will also get assigned your personal success coach to work with you weekly on your plan of action.

We will help you locate a deal in 90 days or less or you don't pay

*see refund policy for details

Your Mentor & Real Estate Expert

Justin Brennan

Founder & CEO

Justin Brennan is a 3rd generation multifamily investor, speaker and entrepreneur who has worked in real estate since 2006. “Justin is nationally recognized and a rare talent. His background blends formal education with hands on street smarts. The best part is Justin’s willingness to freely share his knowledge and skills with clients, investors and students around the world. Not many people can take complicated topics and simplify them for everyday people to understand. With over 500+ units and $157,000,000+ in assets heading to 10,000 units and $1 Billion, Justin is the right expert for you.

I Want to Take a Moment and Thank You For Being Here. If you made it this far, I appreciate the time you took to read this and deeply value every relationship I make from this. I’m here for you as both a guide and as a friend. I try to respond to every email and want to hear your story – both the good and the bad. I want to provide a safe community where new investors can collaborate, provide encouragement, and work smarter.

Your one stop shop for learning everything multifamily.


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